Fine art boudoir photographer
 Savannah & Fayetteville Georgia

I'm Callie and I LOVE to shoot boudoir! I have been a professional photographer for over ten years, and boudoir is definitely one of my favorite things to photograph. I tend to favor pretty conservative posing and brighter images. I have become a sort of jedi master of strategic posing to show off aspects of my clients they like best. Because of that it totally does not matter if you are in the shape that you want to be in for your session! I also loooove detail shots and lace everything. It's so cool how you can take a photo that is simply of hands, your hair swaying but it turns out to look so sexy! Honestly shooting boudoir feels like the most fun "girl time" ever and it feels like such a privilege to create something so gorgeous and empowering for you! 

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"I was super nervous when I first started considering doing a boudoir shoot, but the first phone call I had with Callie made me so excited! I could tell that she was going to make this such a fun experience. Words can’t describe how I felt when I first saw my images… they made me feel so confident and beautiful!"

-Caitlynn H